Feb. 2, 2020, 5:22 a.m.(UTC)
Penguin-Kun Wars 2 (1988) (Ascii) aka Animal Wars 2 This is the excellent sequel to Penguin-Kun Wars (also known as "Animal Wars", MSX 1 game). This sequel is a MSX 2 megaROM cartridge, is greatly enhanced and enables the player to select which area he wants to start the game, which can be accessed by the map in the beginning of the game. These areas are: - insects' garden - The forest - The sea shore - The artic - The original Animal Wars area Each of these themed areas feature the respective animals, for example, in the sea shore area you play against an octopus, which can throw 8 balls at the same time, and a crab (5:31 in the vide) able to sidewalk very fast and use its back armour for protection. The game rules are simple: throw all balls to the other side of the playing field. The one who succeeds to throw all the balls to the other side, or have less balls when time ends, is the winner. It's a highly addictive and challenging game, highly recommended both for fans of the original and newcomers as well. P.S.: I did some editing to fit in Youtube's 10min limit, so there are some cuts in the matches.

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