Electric Jar Opener, Restaurant Can Opener, Smooth Edge Automatic Jar Opener for Individuals, Arthritis and Housewife, Bottle Opener for Arthritic Hands: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors
Interviewing: the most profitable skill you can learn Don't miss out on a great job opportunity Practice live interviews with peers
Music for focus/sleep/meditation/relaxing/content Ambient music generators that never end or repeat.
Arctype is the fast and easy-to-use SQL client for developers and teams
Working outdoors by myself, I regularly face the same problem people have for millennia: How to move piles of heavy things from point A to B. Logs, rounds, lumber, feed bags, piles of bricks and rocks, acres worth of grass clippings, and every weekend alone I move hundreds of pounds
보통은 직접 커버 이미지를 제작해서 사용하는 방법도 있지만 조금 더 생각해보니 SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)의 방식을 잘 활용하면 어떻게 되지 않을까? 싶었습니다. 그리고 만들어진 커버 이미지를 API에 응답으로 보내주고 OpenGraph나 Twitter Cards(?) 태그에 이미지 주소를 API 주소로 해주면 우리가 원하는…
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- 150개 이상의 앱과 연동- Zapier, IFTTT처럼 No-Code 플로우 작성 및 운용- 조건부 로직, HTTP 리퀘스트, JS 함수를 사용하여 확장 가능- CLI 혹은 Docker로 빠른 시작 (npx n8n, Docker Hub: n8nio/n8n)
- Fly 서비스의 기반 기술 소개 ㅤ→ 앱서버를 사용자 근처의 피지컬 서버에 두어서 속도를 빠르게 하는 anti-클라우드 스타일의 서비스ㅤ→ Docker 이미지를 가져와서 Firecracker micro-VM으로 변환(transmogrify) 해서 베어메탈에서 실행ㅤ→ 도커이미지만 준비하면 사용자 근처의 Edge서버에서 실행해서 빠른 속도를 보장- OCI
Simple command line tool for text to image generation using OpenAI's CLIP and Siren (Implicit neural representation network). Technique was originally created by https://twitter.com/advadnoun - lucidrains/deep-daze
김기찬 작가가 기록한 서울의 모습. 송파구 오금동(1984), 강남구 개포동 (1982), 강동구 둔촌동(1984), 송파구 석촌동(1981) - 어제자 서울역박 보도자료에서. https://t.co/PeoyMBrpJZ https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ7hGPbpzKv/
HTTP/HTTP2/HTTP3/Socks4/Socks5/Shadowsocks/ShadowsocksR/SSH/Redirect/Pf TCP/UDP asynchronous tunnel proxy implemented in Python 3 asyncio. - qwj/python-proxy
VPN Server implemented in pure Python. (For Research Purposes Only) - qwj/python-vpn
Little kids have an innate love of stickers, and rightfully so—they are bright and colorful, add whimsy to any plain, boring piece of paper, and the sheer act of peeling and sticking is oddly satisfying. But sometimes, the damn things won’t cooperate. Sometimes, no matter how hard those little fingers bend and pull and claw at the sheet, the sticker clings steadfastly to its home position.

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