Nov. 18, 2019, 6:58 a.m.(UTC)
Welcome to our new series: DATA CENTRE 101! We'll bring you a bunch of "how-to" videos, along with shorter, insightful knowledge films from the data centre. In this video, Raf - whom you may remember from our "Night in the life of a NOC engineer" video from last year - discusses his take on the certifications you need (or may not need!) to get into the data centre working environment. If you're looking for a role at a data centre like ours, then feel free to share your resume with us and if we have an opening, we may be in touch! Email us at Enjoy guys, leave a LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT below! Please subscribe - we are bringing content weekly from now on! Find out more about our data centre: Sign up to Custodian's event for IT and tech professional's held at the Maidstone TV Studios in Kent:

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