A utility for mocking out the Python Requests library. - getsentry/responses
Welcome to our new series: DATA CENTRE 101! We'll bring you a bunch of "how-to" videos, along with shorter, insightful knowledge films from the data centre. In this video, Raf - whom you may remember from our "Night in the life of a NOC engineer" video from last year - discusses his take on the certifications you need (or may not need!) to get into the data centre working environment. If you're
Gold beating is an age-old process that goes back to the era of ancient Egyptians. Wonder at how this precious metal is slowly beat down to a leaf like consistency in this archive footage from 1959. For Archive Licensing Enquiries Visit: https://goo.gl/W4hZBv Explore Our Online Channel For FULL Documentaries, Fascinating Interviews & Classic Movies: https://goo.gl/7dVe8r #BritishPathé #Gold #Ar
Kahve was a favourite drink of the Ottoman Empire’s ruling class. Little did they know it would one day hasten the empire’s demise
Hackers began hijacking accounts hours after Disney+ launched earlier this week.
Examples for progressive web apps. Contribute to mdn/pwa-examples development by creating an account on GitHub.
The Mechanical Battery Though more commonly known for its electro-chemical variant, a battery or accumulator is any device that stores energy. Batteries fundamentally allow us to decouple energy supply from demand. But a far lesser known, mechanical based rechargeable battery based on flywheel energy storage or FESS is showing a resurgence of interest. The Gyrobus was as an electric bus design
Why do Koreans love cheese so much? It all started from foreign influence, but it was fired by crisis. Korea now is a top five importer of U.S. dairy.
Remember Clusterman? Now It's Open-Source, and Supports Kubernetes Too! David R. Morrison, Compute Infra Tech Lead Nov 11, 2019 Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post showing off some...
It’s always good to have a pen handy; it’s a fundamental piece of EDC gear. But sometimes a full-size pen doesn’t fit with your everyday carry. That’s why TJB created the Stilwell; our take on the compact pen. It’s small in size, but punches well above its weight class. With its minimal form, it will easily ride in your pocket all day, but when it’s time to do work, the Stilwell is all business.
17. 12. 02. 00:27:23 보름 전 오르비는 무엇을 하는 회사인가라는 글을 통해, 지난 1년 반 가량의 연구 기간을 거쳐 저희 오르비가 인공지능 방법론을 이용하여 자동으로 주식 거래를 하는 기계를 만들었고, 운용을 시작했다는 말씀을 드렸습니다. 아래는 저희 trading bot의 3번째 버전으로, 가장 최근에 검증된 알고리즘을 지속적으로 채택해 업그레이드 하며, 2018년 4월 실제 현금 10억원을 투입해 운용하는 펀드의 일별 잔고 그래프입니다. 이 bot은 KOSPI 200 선물 근원물만을 거래하며 그 외 다른 어떤 자산도 거래하지 않습니다. 파란색 선 그래프는 실제 현금 잔고이고, 회색 선 그래프는 같은 날짜에 같은 금액을 KOSPI 200 인덱스 펀드에 투자했을 경우 잔고입
이 플랫폼을 시작한 첫 주부터 저는 시계열 분석이라는 주제에 매료되었습니다. 이 커널을 시계열 분석에서 다양한 주제를 다루기 위해 만든 커널입니다. 저는 시계열 분석에서 초보자와 숙련자 모두에게 ultimate reference(궁극적 레퍼런스)를 만들고 싶었습니다
A thin Cython-based wrapper on top of libsystemd, focused on exposing the dbus API via sd-bus in an automated and easy to consume way. - aleivag/pystemd
Before you can tell them that you got a C- in geography or that you once thought the word XING on the road was pronounced “Zing,” your children will see you as a perfect human knowledge-dispensing machine. And they will ask you a lot of questions.
Cast iron skillets are great for everything from breakfast to baking, but the downside is that they do require a little more maintenance than your average pot or pan. We’ve discussed several ways to season cast iron here at Lifehacker, but what if your roomie let your cast iron soak in water overnight, or heaven forbid, put it in the dishwasher? Grab an abrasive pad and some white vinegar. With a

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