As our daughter approached her fourth birthday, she began asking for her own “big girl bed”. "A fairy princess castle bed ... preferably pink,” she said.
2019년 10월 AWS 솔루션 아키텍트 어소시에이트 자격증 취득했습니다. AWS 공인 자격증의 종류와 시험 준비에 대해서 소개하고, 합격자 혜택에 대해서도 알아봅니다.
Before you can tell them that you got a C- in geography or that you once thought the word XING on the road was pronounced “Zing,” your children will see you as a perfect human knowledge-dispensing machine. And they will ask you a lot of questions.
Germany's BSI tested Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge. Firefox was only browser to pass all minimum requirements for mandatory security features.
The Vue.js Core team is bringing some exciting new features in Vue 3. Composition API, Fragments, Portals, and Suspense, to name a few.
**2019-10-29 UPDATE:** The following email is going out to all GitLab users: Dear GitLab users and customers, On October 23, we sent an email entitled “Important Updates to our Terms...
Pyramid is a lightweight Python web framework aimed at taking small web apps into big web apps. This site provides an easy entry point into Pyramid.
An opinionated compilation of GUI software I use on Windows.
New timber technologies are beginning to deliver similar opportunities – and even superior ones – to those provided by concrete.
One of the things I love the most about Kelsey Hightower’s Kubernetes The Hard Way guide— other than it just works (even on AWS!)—is that it keeps networking clean and simple; a perfect opportunity…

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