Readable regular expressions for Python 3.6 and up. - Bogdanp/cursive_re is distributed, highly scalable and fault tolerant workflow orchestration platform for JVM. Create workflows with drag&drop from predefined steps or just quickly code them in our browser-based IDE. Run titanoboa on-premises or in a cloud accross multiple availability zones. Use it as an ESB, iPaaS or batch and real-time processing engine.
In this deep-dive, we identified and worked through sporadic latency issues with services running on Kubernetes in our environment.
Here's a surprise: a report of a completely new (and rather unusual) allotrope of carbon. There doesn't appear to be a manuscript out there yet, but the results
using ffmpeg to extract audio from video files. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
The first signs of Rakia production in Bulgaria date from the 11th Century fragment of a distillation vessel used for the production of rakia
“Everyone's always looking for the hack - what's the channel that will unlock something big? But every time we looked for a reason we weren't growing, it always came back to the basics –– selection, delivery quality, pricing. That's it. Always come back to first principles. Whenever we made a mistake, we forgot this.”
The GMC Motorhome hasn't seen these kinds of mods since the movie "Stripes"
세계의 수도인 '뉴욕'의 옛날 모습을 상상하기란 남산타워가 없던 시절 서울을 상상하는 것 만큼 힘듭니다. 하지만 사진이 그 상상을 발로 차고 당시의 모습을 생생하게 보여줍니다 아래 사진은 뉴욕시가 가지고..
이번주는 Digieco 동향보고서에《핀터레스트 성공원인과 향후 SNS 시장 전망》란 제목의 리포트를 올렸습니다. 1. Issue Summary ■ 익스페리언 조사 결과 페이스북이 지난 3월 온라인 방문 간수가 70억1296만건으..

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