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Mike Calhoun rang the alarm bell early on about the subprime mortgage debacle — before reckless lending drove the economy into recession. These days, he's sounding the alarm about student loans.
Due to their lower standards of living, Eastern and Central Eastern Europe are losing their young, well-educated and energetic population to the West. The scarcity of data that reach far enough back in time makes it challenging to explain the longstanding East–West differences. This column explores the relationship of economic development with human capital – specifically,
Lightweight API service to get geolocation data from IP addresses. - Risk3sixty-Labs/geoapi
클라우드 로드 밸런서는 클라우드의 인기와 더불어 많이 사용되고 있습니다. 클라우드 로드 밸런서를 사용하는 것은 하드웨어 어플라이언스에 투자하지 않고도 관련된 모든 기능을 즐길 수 있는 저렴한 방법 중 하나입니다. KEMP 로드 밸런서는 Apple, Sony, JP Morgan, Audi, Hyundai 등의 대형 회사에서 사용되고 있습니다. 무료…
BCC - Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more - iovisor/bcc
Terminal emulator in pyqt, - petercour/terminal-emulator-example-pyqt
Cheap SSL certificates by Sectigo, Thawte, GeoTrust SSL, Rapid SSL, and GoGetSSL for lowest prices. DV, OV, EV, Wildcard SSL, and multi-Domain certificates
Cron Monitoring. Monitor nightly backups, weekly reports, cron jobs and scheduled tasks. Receive alerts when your tasks don't run on time.
Houzz is the new way to design your home. Browse 20 million interior design photos, home decor, decorating ideas and home professionals online.
A scalable overlay networking tool with a focus on performance, simplicity and security - slackhq/nebula
One of my recent side projects was building an automated trading system for the crypto markets. To be fair, I probably spent more time on this than on my full-time job, so calling it a side project may not be completely accurate. The internet is full of people ready to teach you about trading. Most are trying to sell you something, and many are mistaking random chance for skill. Coming from a tech
Instant diagram generation tool.

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