xt_tls is an extension for netfilter/IPtables that allows you to filter traffic based on TLS hostnames.
Type designers work with a diverse clientele, and yet common themes always seem to emerge in our conversations. This seems to be the season of complex typography, in which designers everywhere are faced with the challenge of presenting different and competing kinds of information to readers. An agency we’re working with is designing a demanding identity for a fast-moving consumer goods brand; an i
A recent study by researchers at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, has found a certain type of Australian red algae can significantly inhibit methane emissions from cows. Led by Professor of Aquaculture Rocky De Nys, researchers found an addition of less than 2 percent dried seaweed to a cow’s diet can reduce methane emissions by 99 percent. The study was conducted in collaboration w
이번 주제는 한국 게임기획자의 기원입니다. 문화적 상황에 많은 연관이 있기 때문에 개발 강국인 미국과 일본의 사례가 들어가 있습니다.
Progress, formerly known as Coreutils Viewer, is a light C command that searches for coreutils basic commands such as cp, mv, tar, dd, gzip/gunzip, cat, grep etc currently being executed on the system and shows the percentage of data copied, it only runs on Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.
シャープのX68000に関するいくつかの技術研究を行っているサイトです。活動メンバーはGIMONS一人ですがTwitter上でフォロワーの皆さんに様々な支援を頂いています。2004年から活動を開始し当初はXM7をJava,Linux,Mac,PocketPC等へ移植していました。ここ最近はXM6の派生版であるTypeGを開発し実機をより深く知るための活動を行ってきました。2016年頃からXM6 TypeGで培ったSCSIやフロッピーディスク制御をRaspberry Pi上で稼動させることでいわゆる物理ドライブのエミュレーションを実現しX68000実機とエミュレーター技術の融合を研究しています。
99달러짜리 LDS모듈을 통으로 교체하지않고 저렴이 버전으로 수리는 하는 방법이 2가지가 있더라구요.
A set of common UI elements with a hand-drawn, sketchy look. These can be used for wireframes, mockups, or just the fun hand-drawn look. Wired Elements are implemented as web components, and can be used on any page and with most frameworks. The elements are drawn with enough randomness that no two renderings will be exactly the same — just like two separate hand-drawn shapes.
Distributed training framework for TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and Apache MXNet.

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